The New Standard Experience: A Dispensary Worth Remembering

Being an adult can be daunting – taxes, and fights over who gets to control the TV remote. So, when you’ve decided you need a dispensary, why not pick one that makes life a little more entertaining, and full of quality? Enter, New Standard.

Upgrade Your Understanding of “Standard”

What exactly is “standard”? Webster’s might tell you it’s “something established for use as a rule or basis of comparison”. But I bet Webster’s doesn’t have a supply of premium products, nor a team of knowledgeable enthusiasts to guide you through them.

Dispensary? More Like FUNsary!

When it comes to New Standard, think of it less as a dispensary, and more as a place to explore, discover and get new stuff. No extra charge for the laughs and good times. So, if the “standard” you’re used to is that of being bored and uninformed, it’s time you reconsider that. Hone in on the new standard, literally, at You won’t regret it. After all, taxes and remote control brawls can wait, your new favorite dispensary can’t.