A Guide to Exciting Recreational Activities Near In Good Health in Sandwich, MA

Deeply rooted in the historic community of Sandwich, Massachusetts, lies a unique establishment known impactfully as In Good Health. This avant-garde Cannabis Dispensary is known not just for its wide array of quality cannabis products, but its commitment to fostering holistic wellness within the local community. But it’s not just about wellness. The dispensary is nestled in a vibrant area brimming with exciting and adventurous activities to indulge in.

Explore Natural Beauty and History at Sandwich’s Heritage Museums and Gardens

Take a leisurely stroll through the serene ambience of the Heritage Museums and Gardens, a mere stone’s throw away from In Good Health. This enchanting environment features not just breathtaking gardens, but a collection of prized American Folk artworks and vintage vehicles.

Discover the Adventure of Sandwich Glass Museum

The Sandwich Glass Museum is also a must-visit, especially for lovers of art and history. Take a trip back in time whilst exploring the exquisite displays of ancient glasswork and even watch live, interactive glass-blowing demonstrations.

Experience Thrills and Spills at Cape Cod’s Water Wizz

For those looking for some adrenaline-pumping action, a day trip to Water Wizz, one of Cape Cod’s top water parks, comes highly recommended. With thrilling rides and slides for all ages, it’s a great place for both family and friends to enjoy.

Relish in the Magic of the Boardwalk Beach

Lastly, don’t miss out on a visit to the magical Boardwalk Beach. This local favourite offers a peaceful refuge and a perfect spot for a picnic. Walk across the stunning 1,350-foot wooden boardwalk and take in the magnificent sights around you as you make your way towards the pristine, sandy beach.