A “Baked” Tale from The Cake House Vista

Sometimes, customers walk into The Cake House Vista, expecting more than buttercream and ganache. They show up, looking a tad too excited for a cheesecake or a French gateau. Then, they’d drop the magic word, often in an observant whisper to the staff, “Marijuana, anyone?”

Not Your Ordinary Cake House

The Cake House Vista isn’t just your typical cake shop. Yes, it does whip up the most delicious cakes in Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside, and surrounds. But herein lies the twist; we are located right next to a legal Cannabis Dispensary! We understand we’ve got quite a peculiar neighbor, but hey, it’s a sweet (and we guess high) neighborhood.

“Got any cannabis-infused muffins,” they ask. Our answer is met with either disappointment or surprising relief. “No sir, we don’t, but our Vanilla literal pound cake can make you feel giddy, we guarantee. And no, not because of THC!”

Next Door Adventures

The next time a craving for something sweet and a bit adventurous hits you, remember, The Cake House Vista is where the fun begins! Drop by our Escondido, San Marcos, or Bonsall branches; we promise our cakes are good enough to forget the pot, at least for a while!