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About the KWIT Stick Starter Kit

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch from traditional cigarettes to an e-cigarette, or you have been vaping for a while want to change up your device and get more out of the experience, the KWIT Stick Starter Kit is the perfect option for you!

Created by Aspire, the KWIT Stick is a compact, lightweight, and super portable auto draw vaping device. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and tuck into your pocket for totally discreet and convenient vaping. The device is also incredibly easy to use. It’s an auto-draw e-cigarette that is powered by a 230mAh built-in, rechargeable battery. There aren’t any buttons to push or knobs to turn; just put the KWIT Stick up to your mouth, inhale, and you’ll automatically experience the cool rush of refreshing nicotine and tantalizing flavors, which are delivered via the attached KWIT pod.

The KWIT Stick utilizes 1ml pods that contain 50mg of nicotine salt vape juice, similar to other pod system vape devices; however, unlike the pods that are used with other devices, KWIT Stick pods are refillable. Once you have finished a pod, you can load it up with any nicotine salt juice of your liking. Not only will the KWIT Stick save you money, but it will also open up an endless array of flavor possibilities!

How It Works

To get started using the KWIT Stick, power up the device with the micro USB charging cable (which it comes with), connect a pod, and you’re ready to go! The device features an LED battery life indicator light, which will let you know when you’re running low on power. It takes about 20 minutes to fully recharge the KWIT Stick.

As mentioned, what really sets the KWIT Stick apart from other pod system vaping devices is the fact that the pods are refillable. When your KWIT pod is empty, you can fill it back up with any vape juice you would like; however, we highly recommend filling it with premium quality nicotine salt juices (which you can find a wide selection of right here, at Price Point NY). Refilling your KWIT pod is a breeze; simply pour the vape juice of your liking into the 20ml syringe bottle that comes with the device, pull off the stopper on your KWIT pod, and fill it up with juice. Once the pod is full, seal it back up with the stopper and connect it to your device. Each KWIT pod holds 1mg of vape juice, so you’ll be able to enjoy more puffs than many of the leading vape pods.

The KWIT Stick Starter Kit is the perfect option for those who are just getting started with vaping, or for vapers who want to get more out of their experience. You’ll get everything you need to start enjoying the smooth, refreshing, and satisfying rush of nicotine and the incredible taste of mouthwatering flavors. Buy pain medication| Buy pain killer| buy lean| buy cough syrup|buy wocklean| buy codeine| codeine for sale| buy codeine online|lean for sale|

Key Details of the KWIT Stick Starter Kit

The KWIT Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start vaping, including:


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