KWIT Pod Wild Watermelon 4 pack

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About KWIT Pod Wild Watermelon 4 Pack

With KWIT Pod Wild Watermelon 4 Pack, you’ll feel as if you are sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripened, super sweet, and incredibly juicy watermelon with every puff you take on your KWIT Stick. You will almost be able to feel the warmth of the summer sun shining on your face! The delicious watermelon flavor is further enhanced by the smooth hit of nicotine. Unlike other tobacco products, there’s absolutely no harshness; just taste bud-pleasing flavor and super velvety smoothness. KWITs Wild Watermelon pods are the perfect flavor when you’re relaxing on a summer’s day or when you just need to escape to a more carefree atmosphere.

Key Details of the KWIT Pod Wild Watermelon 4 Pack

  • A package of four premium-quality KWIT nicotine salt vape juice pods in a juicy sweet watermelon flavor
  • Each pod is pre-filled with 1ml of nicotine salt vape juice, which contains a proprietary blend of ingredients and 5% nicotine by volume
  • Each pod can be refilled with the vape juice of your liking. buy jul pods near me| juul pods for sale

About KWIT Pods

All KWIT Pods contain 1ml of the highest quality nicotine salt vape juice, which are made with a proprietary blend of ingredients, such as natural extracts, oils, and flavors. Each pod also contains 5% nicotine by volume to deliver a super smooth and extremely satisfying rush of nicotine. With KWIT Pods, you’ll experience none of the harshness of traditional cigarettes, yet your cravings will be completely fulfilled. Unlike other salt nicotine pods, KWIT Pods are refillable, so once you run out of vape juice you can refill your pods with any e-liquid of your liking; saving you time, money, and frustration. With KWIT devices and pods, you’ll be sure to have the ultimate vaping experience.

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