Gucci Juul Skin

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Like gum to a desk, our JuulWraps are not coming off, once they stick onto your device they’re staying there until you wish to remove said wrap. We’ve added a perfectly trimmed edge for easy charging accessibility. It comes with a pre-cut hole to show the LED light that indicates when it’s time to charge. Last but not least, the glossy, vinyl finish really adds a certain energy to your once uninteresting device. We keep the customer in mind here at JuulWraps, always have and always will. That’s why we made it so easy to buy them and to slap them on. buy oxycodone|buy xanax bar|wocklean|lean for sale| buy lean online

Make your Juul stand out with JuulWraps!
Premium glossy finish vinyl wraps that protect and make your Juul look unique!
  • Trimmed bottom edge for easy charging access
  • Glossy finish
  • Easy application


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