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DaVinci is known as some of the most premium vaporizers on the market.  They focus on sleek, portable vaporizers that deliver an abundance of flavour.  They have developed a smart path technologies which helps automate the vaporizing session for both new and expert users. buy vaporizer online


You can expect the DaVinci IQ to power up and produce vapour within 15 seconds.  This is going to be very comparable to the new PAX 3.  The 3500mAh battery lasts 1.5 hours at a full charge and takes about 3 hours to charge. You can also switch out the replaceable 18650 battery when needed. Buy juul near me, juul pods for sale, buy juul pods, juul pods for sale, buy juul pods online, best vaporizer for sale, buy thc vape carts online, thc vape carts for sale best thc vape carts online,


  1. Smart-paths: These are a neat way to set it and forget it.  The vaporizer will go through pre-selected temperature ranges gradually.
  2. Precision Mode: When you need to be exact, use this feature to activate or avoid certain terpenes and cannabinoids. buy DaVinci IQ vaporizer
  3. Stealth-Mode: Tired of the LED lights telling you how to live your life? This mode is for you.
  4. Boost-Mode : This mode will produce massive clouds by raising the temperature to the maximum.  This will make sure everyone in the group is feeling the effects. vaporizer for sale

IQ Flavourful Haven
The DaVinci IQ uses an all-ceramic zirconia air path that leaves you with one of the best tastes you could experience from your dry herb.  It’s flavour chamber is also clutch if you want to mask the smell of weed.  For example, you can put lavender into the flavour chamber and when you exhale, it will smell like lavender, not weed.

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