Arizer Solo 2

$300.00 $199.99

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer


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  1. Faster Heat Up Time
  2. Improved Air Flow
  3. Longer Battery Life
  4. LED vs LCD
  5. Digital screen

Arizer – Flavour Connoisseur 

The Solo 2 is compared to Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer when it comes to flavour.   The Solo 2 is a convection vape that amplifies the taste buds through its 100 borosilicate glass air-path. This also makes it very easy to clean and maintain. buy mighty vaporizer online mighty vaporizer for sale

Arizer Solo 2 – Marvellous Battery Performance

The Solo 2 has a lithium-ion battery and the difference is immediately noticeable. The battery on the Solo 2 will last about 3 hours, which is double that of the original solo. Fantastic for trips and long sessions with groups of friends.

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